Activate Pluto TV on your streaming player to watch your favorite videos

The always increasing cable TV cost for subscriptions bothers users to avail such services. Also, most people look for ways to cut this cost and keep from subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. People have numerous options to stream their television shows and movies. However, several streaming service providers and online TV come with a big subscription fee. Luckily, we have Pluto TV in place, as the subscription is free and has a stellar collection on channels.

Pluto TV provides people with several of entertainment for free with a lot of television shows and movies. Hence, those who want to cut costs and opt for Pluto TV can follow the simple guide given below to perform the on their streaming devices. They should keep in mind that they can do activation only by visiting

Introduction to Pluto TV

There are loads of on-demand applications, streaming services, and TV applications that charge the users huge amounts of money for viewing the content they offer. On the other hand, Pluto TV does not charge anything to stream movies as well as TV shows. The best part is that people don’t need to be worried about any legal issues if they are streaming content using This is because; the shows and movies streamed on Pluto TV are sourced legally. So, there is nothing to be bothered about. Pluto TV activation is totally free of cost and people can activate their Pluto TV account by visiting

Pluto TV activation instructions

To activate your Pluto TV user account, you need the activation code of Pluto TV, which can be availed online when you create your account. It is a 6-digit code that you should enter in the provided space to get your account activated. Once you go past this step, your account will be active and you can start watching your favorite content.

How to activate the Pluto TV account using

Pluto TV can be streamed on a range of streaming devices such as Roku, Sony PlayStation 4, Android TVs, and Amazon Fire TV. They will be adding more devices in the future for people’s ease of use. In addition, people outside the United States of America can watch Pluto TV on their Mac or Windows computers. However, they should be aware of the streaming rules and rights. Also, they should download the PC app to do so. The process for activating Pluto TV on all the streaming devices are pretty much the same. Let us see how the activation works by visiting the official website Pluto Tv.

  • You should install Photo TV on your streaming device
  • Check for activation methods by launching the guide for activation
  • Now go to Channel 02, or see if you find the option “Activate” on the left (If you find it, click it)
  • You will then see the 6-digit code for activation. Enter it in the appropriate space
  • Hit the Activate option on your streaming device after entering the code
  • Now, you are ready to view your desired movies as well as shows on your device

You can simply follow the above-mentioned steps to activate Pluto TV on your supported streaming device and enjoy the content anytime and anywhere as you like.